Prevent And Protect Old Age Skin From The Aging Effects of Sun


Old Age Skin is usually characterized by wrinkles, dryness and sagging. These signs of aging often appear on the forehead, nose and chin as well as other areas of the face. The dermis layer of our skin contains elastin and collagen fibers, which keep your it firm. With age, the fibers break down causing sagging and wrinkles to appear. It is not impossible to reverse the process of aging. Here are some tips that can help you look younger:

Environmental factors cause skin ageing. Stress, exposure to sunlight, smoking, alcohol and junk food are the common causes of this form of ageing. Environmental factors cause you to look older. Environmental factors such as polluted air are known to affect the chronological aging process. For example, our dermis needs hormone replication in order to produce new cells.

Our individual gene expression also affects aging. Genes play an important role in regulating the chronological aging process in our body. Different genes control different aspects of human skin aging. The most famous genes are HLA-DR4, BINK, EYELISS and KOTOX. To beat this form of aging, we need to find the correct gene expression in the body.

Hormone Replication has an effect which influences such blemishes as age Spots. Hormone replication in the outer-dermis layers influences human old age in our appearance. The differential expression of hormones is important causes to our complexion ageing.

Sun-protected skin in studied examples from the past can reveal a lot about how our looks grow old. To analyze the changes in the genes expressed in old age complexions through the aging, we need to study the effects of sun-protected epidermis samples taken from the people who passed through the tests conducted by scientists. The tests were done on healthy volunteers, who had already completed 50 years of age. Light-induced age progression data was taken and the areas with large collagen structures were irradiated with laser energy. This process, termed as photoaging, showed up in all the volunteers’ results.

The collagen in the seniors’ epidermis of the sun-protected group was found to be different from the Old Age Skin of the Unprotected group. Therefore, the collagen present in the old age epidermis of the unprotected group was not the same as that in the Old Age Skin of the Sun-protected group. So, how could this happen? It is said that as people get older, their collagen gets depleted due to the constant exposure to UV rays coming from the sun. This problem was solved with the help of pottage analysis. The results showed that the levels of collagen were considerably higher in the Old Age Skin of the Sun-protected group than in the Old Age Skin of the Unprotected group.

If we try to understand the mechanism behind the photoaging results, it becomes evident that our skin gets affected either because of the genetic makeup of our beings or due to the continuous and prolonged photo exposure to the ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. Thus, if one does not wish to get affected by the condition, one should limit the time he or she spends under the sun. The individuals having an Old Age Skin, who are prone to photo-aging, should use protective products. However, if one is in a position to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle without any such difficulty, one should protect his or her Old Age Skin with the help of various protective products available in the market, which contain ingredients such as ‘vitamin E’, ‘collagen, elastin, soy and other compounds responsible for good looking complexion’.

The comprehensive test conducted on these chemical compounds showed that they have the capability to reduce or reverse the signs of photoaging even in the Old Age groups, even in individuals who were advised to use artificial cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections and collagen and elastin filling surgeries. Therefore, the present generation Old Age Skin needs not to be affected by the premature wrinkling and sagging seen in the old age groups. The complete analysis of these chemical compounds and their effects on the human skin by utilizing advanced imaging techniques will be helpful in developing a panacea for Old Age Skin and eliminating the wrinkles and other facial aging marks in Old Age Groups.

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